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About Us


About our studio....

We have been a part of the Thomasville and surrounding communities for over 50 years. We take pride in teaching our students the love of dance, along with the importance of core values such as, hard work, dedication, team work, and responsibility. 


Classes offered....

Jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, pom, acro, hip hop, tiny tumblers, contemporary, musical theater, pre-school and Kindergarten combo classes


Award winning competition teams

Want to join our award winning competition teams? Ask a staff member for details or message us on facebook! 

About Us

The oldest dance studio in Thomasville, NC


Teaching dance in the community for over 50 years. 

National Award Winning Competition Teams


Our competition team travels to regional and national competitions. Auditions will be held in summer 2019. 

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Course catalog

Preschool combo-This class is offered for our preschool aged dancers. It is an hour long and meets once a week. It is 20 minutes of ballet, 20 minutes of tap, and 20 minutes of tumbling.   The minimum age for most dancers is 2.5-3. 

KD dance combo-This class is structured for our kindergarten dancers. It is also an hour long and meets once a week. This class also consist of 20 minutes of ballet, 20 minutes of tap, and 20 minutes of tumbling. 

1st Grade combo- This class is an hour long and consist of 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap. 

Tiny Tumblers- This class is 45 minutes long and focuses on the foundations of acrobatics and tumbling. It is structured to meet the needs of our preschool and kindergarten aged dancers. 

Cheer/Pom- This program is available to our KD and up dancers. It is a fun, fast pace, upbeat style of dance that focuses on strong arm motions, jumps, leaps and skills your dancer may also use in cheerleading. 

Jazz- This program is available for our 2nd grade and above dancers. Jazz dance builds on the foundations learned in ballet and is a favorite style among many students. Jazz incorporates jumps, leaps, and turns into a fun upbeat  dance class. 

Lyrical-This class is offered to our 2nd grade and above dancers. This class builds on the foundation of ballet and incorporates various aspects of ballet, jazz and modern dance. This class is great to maintain skills and foundational knowledge for all of your other classes. 

Hip hop-This program is offered to our 2nd grade and above dancers! Our students LOVE this class. It is fun, upbeat and always a good time. This style of dance has evolved primarily from ”street dance” and uses fun upbeat (and clean) songs. 

Acro-This program is offered to our KD and above dancers. We have a wide variety of class options depending on the skill level and goals of your gymnast/dancer. During this class we work  not only on tumbling and obtaining new tricks but also, flexibility, technique, stretching, splits and proper form. 

Tap-This program is offered for our 2nd grade and above dancers. Tap dance is a fun, energetic style of dance that concentrates on using the sound of tap shoes on the floor as a rhythmic percussion to the song being danced to. 

Back hand spring- This class is available for our 2nd grade and above dancers. We focus primarily on the technique and proper form of back hand springs and work with the dancers to obtain that trick. Once they have their back hand spring this class also allows them to work in round off BHS and tucks. This is a great class for a cheerleader who wants to work primarily on this trick. 

ZUMBA- We offer a Zumba class on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00 and the cost is 5 dollars! 

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